25 Aug 2017 – Training & Nutrition

Let’s do this! Okay, maybe I wasn’t so motivated this morning, but I still rolled out of bed at 5:45am when my alarm went off and got outside for a 3-mile run with my husband. I enjoy morning workouts best. I have more energy than later in the day, but I still have trouble pushing myself to go hard.

I’ve never gotten in a routine of taking supplements before, so I almost forgot, but am going to try to take BCAAs and CLA.

Yesterday my macros (macro nutrient breakdown) were on point! I felt full and didn’t even want my evening snack, but ate it so I had more energy this morning for running. Today I created a plan that should be just as fulfilling.

Food & Supplements

I tend to break up my breakfast into “early breakfast” and “later breakfast” at about 7am and 8:30am. Mid-morning tends to be around 10am. Lunch is typically 12-12:30pm. Mid-afternoon is also broken up into “before I leave work” and “when I get home from work,” so about 2pm and 4pm. Dinner is usually 6pm, and then my evening snack at 8pm. I find if I eat more earlier, I eat more later, so I try to stay satisfied with very small meals more often.

I decided to add calendar alerts to my phone to remind me to take BCAA & CLA.

Also, did I mention that I love MyFitnessPal? I’ve used it on and off for years, but since November 2014 I’ve used it daily. The 1st year more just to track and be aware, and since January 2016, to make sure I get 100+ grams of protein per day.

Breakfast:  3 egg whites & parmesan cheese
“Proatmeal” (1/3 c oatmeal & 1/2 scoop protein powder)

Mid-morning:  3 egg whites & 3.5 oz broccoli (baked together)

Lunch:  4oz ground turkey with 1 oz taco seasoning
4.6 oz bell peppers with 1 light Laughing Cow Cheese

Mid-afternoon: 3 egg whites & parmesan cheese
3 egg whites & broccoli

Dinner:  4 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 servings “stir-fry” vegetable mix
1 serving Lite Caesar Salad (Fresh Express kit)

Evening:  “Proatmeal”  (1/3 c oatmeal & 1 scoop protein powder)

Macro-Nutrient Goals
Calories: <1,300 calories
Carbs: <100g
Fat: <25%
Protein: >140g (at least 1g per bodyweight pound)

I’ll meet my goals today! I have to reduce some of the sodium. I can find better chicken breast and cut back on the parmesan cheese (but that really helps make my eggs tasty). I’m glad to see the sugar content was also fairly low.

Actual: 29% carbs (89g), 24% fat (33g), 47% protein (148g)

Exercise: Cardio, Back, & Biceps

Run 3 miles (neighborhood has natural hills)
Bent Over One-Arm Long Bar Row
Dumbbell Bicep Curl (heavier, fewer reps)
Alternate Hammer Curl
Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row
Standing Dumbbell Reverse Curl
Dumbbell Bicep Curl (lighter, more reps)

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