Most people would say you should commit. Register for the competition, hire a coach, buy a suit and heels, and go all of the way. Well, I’m going to approach this differently. I want to challenge myself in a new way, but I’m too fiscally responsible to spend all of that money if I don’t feel my results are stage-worthy!  (Read more on

I considered competing in Spring, but life as a military spouse is always full of excitement (aka changes). We were “homeless” for nearly 2 months, so we took a vacation and visited family, so I had irregular access to a gym and kitchen.  I decided to postpone serious competition preparation.

Life happens. There are always excuses. I’m an excellent sales person. I can sell you on why you should and why you shouldn’t. I can find a reason and make it convincing. With a summer of travels, work changes, moving, and special occasions “getting in the way,” I’m finally back in a normal routine. The house is unpacked and our home gym is set up. Sadly we now live the furthest from our fitness center than ever before…20 min one-way. That might not seem far, but I’m a very efficient person. Round-trip, that’s 40 minutes, or an entire cardio session! We still go once in a while, but I will not be able to go daily (it’s the opposite direction from my office).


That brings us to today.  August 24, 2017

That’s 2 months and 18 days,

11 weeks and 2 days, or

79 days

Until November 11, 2017.

There is an NPC competition nearby on November 11.  It was on my list of “potential competitions.”  I’m a bit nervous that I don’t have enough time to prepare, but since I’m in fairly good shape, I wonder how much I can improve in 11 weeks and 2 days.

I would prefer a 16-week prep time for my 1st competition. I struggle to lose weight quickly. I also wanted to build more muscle. While I’ve weight lifting for years, only since 2016 did I lift heavier, and in 2016 I trained for a marathon and lost a lot of muscle. Originally, I wanted to compete in a figure competition, but given my current muscle size, I think a bikini competition is more realistic.

I’ve heard rumors about NPC competitions being political, biased, etc.  I would prefer a natural competition as I hardly supplement.  I’m going to try to remember to take BCAAs and pre-workout, but until now, I rarely do.

I. Love. Fitness.

I could research fitness plans and articles for hours. Tonight, instead of researching more articles (which I’ve probably already read before), I decided I need to start my own!

Join me on my journey to November 11.  I’ll be sharing my macro-nutrient meal plans (including recipes) and exercise routines!


Food & Supplements









Macro-Nutrient Goals













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